Heaven’s Adventures: The Case of The Stolen Treasure

Heaven has a big problem. She loves gold, silver, and jewels and everything that comes with them. However, when her dad points out that true riches are not found in possessions, she has a hard time understanding why. In a dream one night, Heaven’s treasure gets stolen, forcing her to make a tough decision. Does she keep it for herself or save her best friend, Carlos?

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Meet Heaven Holms

Fierce, smart, spunky and full of adventure. Heaven isn’t your typical 1st grader at Pattengill Elementary School, she’s on fire for Christ and isn’t afraid to share her passion with others.

Why you need Heaven to help you train up your children? Her passion is infectious and the storylines are simple and unique.

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A Note to Parents

I am a teacher and I LOVE it! In addition to this book and the others that will follow, I have created mini bible sermon teachings called “In the News with Heaven.” These mini messages are 3 minutes or less of teaching points and are designed to help kids with life skills. Click on the links in the upper right-hand corner to view.

Doing this work is a labor of love and requires multiple hands to get it done, as well as financial resources. Will you consider becoming a SPONSOR and or a VOLUNTEER? There are several areas where I could use your expertise.  Your help would be greatly appreciated.

Please email me at [email protected] and I will contact you at my earliest convenience.

Kimberly T Smith

To sign up please email Kimberly at [email protected] or

call 512-538-3413

Welcome Teachers and Administrators!

Looking for an intriguing story to build sound principles among your students? Well, look no further, this story has it all: treasure, pirates, mystery, and a powerful message…Don’t make stuff your treasure! This book read includes the read and lesson activities.

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Honorariums would be greatly appreciated!


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Heaven’s Adventures is unique in the fact that Bible scriptures  are woven into ordinary people’s lives in their everyday context, with storylines filled  with comedy, emotion and humanist.

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Two talented women, one dynamic story.